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About the Program

Vision is a powerful tool of the kingdom of God. When you tap into the vision of God for your life, your resources and your purpose—you will never be the same! As you are fulfilling the vision in your life, you’re likely to change a lot of other lives for the better as well. That’s how God works and that’s how He’s worked in the lives of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

A production of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Inside the Vision gives viewers an inside look into the vision God gave Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and how that vision, with the help of their faithful ministry Partners, is being fulfilled and expanded upon some 56 years later. In this 30-minute broadcast, CEO Pastor George Pearsons endeavors to share all that their faith-backed, God-inspired vision has done for the Kingdom.

You’ll hear testimonies and stories you may never hear anywhere else. Tune in and discover the depth to which the Word of God is being ministered from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around the middle. You’ll be in awe of all God is doing and be inspired to fulfill God’s vision for your life as well!

Pastor George Pearsons

Pastor George is the Chief Executive Officer of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Senior Pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church. Serving the ministry for 46 years and seeing it grow over the decades, Pastor George recently realized it was becoming more and more challenging to keep up with everything the Lord is doing through KCM, EMIC, VICTORY Channel® and KCBC®…so much so that even staff members weren’t aware of all the good news. Inside the Vision was born out of the desire to help Partners and supporters understand everything they make possible and to aggressively share all the good the Lord is doing through Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Pastor George is equally passionate about helping viewers understand how partnering with a ministry to accomplish God’s plan impacts them and the vision He has for their lives.